CCNA is the abbreviation of Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is the entry-level of Cisco CCIE certification and the base for the professional and expert level certifications. CCNA training and certification is in high demand and demonstrates the ability of an individual to:

  • Manage a medium-sized network
  • Configure a network
  • Install a medium-sized network
  • Operate and troubleshoot routed and switched networks.

CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional. As evident from the name, it is the professional level of CCIE certification, which introduces you to the intermediate level of networking technologies. Several modules are included in CCNP Certification. CCNP security has four modules, and CCNP R&S has three module examinations. Professionals working on local or wide area network (LAN or WAN) infrastructure can benefit from this certification. This certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to:

  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Verify
  • Troubleshoot LANs and WANs.

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