Technical Guftgu Training primarily accord in Cutting Edge Technologies for Engineering Students, Corporate and other experts. Some of the technologies offered are Python, Microsoft Azure, AWS Cloud, CCNA, Machine learning, Big Data, DevOps, VMWare, LINUX, Networking and many more. Technical Guftgu provide Quality Training to meet the complications of the associate and future compulsion of the industry. Technical Guftgu provides Short Term Training (2/4/6 weeks) as well as 6 Months Training in Latest Technologies all over the year at all its centre. Technical Guftgu also provides ON CAMPUS TRAINING, SUMMER TRAINING, WINTER TRAINING, OVERSEAS TRAINING and many other. Technical Guftgu overture an extensive project during training period and after the successful finalization of training, students are awarded certificates, which are globally approved. Technical Guftgu also furnished Life-Time Assistance for the Training based Project to trainees. Technical Guftgu also provide certification training programs with associate partners of Microsoft, Azure, AWS etc


Clutching a job in Indian companies or in any MNCs is always a fantasy for the engineering students. This is true! Yet, it is hard in the present scheme; jobs in the market are becoming more and more competitive. Technical Guftgu offers job consultancy to the Technical Guftgu certified learners. Through various global associations Technical Guftgu provide job opportunities for the trainee. Technical Guftgu is not only known for best training but also known for best placement record which helps the student to make their career in MNC’s. Technical Guftgu not only hold responsibility of creating talent for technical skills but also make them responsible, capable, disciplined and dynamic for this competitive world. Technical Guftgu Placement record is good due to the excellent performance of Technical Guftgu Certified students. Technical Guftgu is the training company, which offers the specialization courses for 2 to 6 months. Therefore, there is always a chance to get the best among them.


Technical Guftgu development accords in software as well as embedded production advancement. The Technical Guftgu unite is highly profitable and devoted to establish customized, adaptable and extendible software. In Software Domains, Technical Guftgu endeavour software products like web development, web hosting, search engine optimization and other related products. Technical Guftgu Global is co-partner and co- branch of Technical Guftgu Company. Technical Guftgu has grown a number of resolutions for individual as well as government constitutions. Technical Guftgu Global is an exhaustive digital solution job holder. Technical Guftgu are an association of ardent, young individuals who appreciate the globe of internet technology and professionals in building custom web-based solutions, E-Commerce web page, IPHONE & Android Apps and design of digital marketing, counting SEM, SEO, Social media and PPC. Technical Guftgu flourish online resolution that can service our clients to accomplish a high ROI over our engineered Web solutions that associate development and website design with Social media and online Marketing assure a high collision presence from day one. Technical Guftgu works as the achievable adventure with multiple technologies to crop the adequate and constructive solution for successful inventory. Technical Guftgu have the proficiency team with expanded experience in their areas under the administration of senior experts. Technical Guftgu trust to make the inventive things on new technologies because modernization matters for fixate and excellent detached. The main aim of the company is to furnish the decisive and applicable products in a very economical time. Technical Guftgu are running on numerous locations for furnishing fundamental facet to implement the client’s engrossment before the given time. Technical Guftgu are feeling appreciative to have a great team for constructing the application and sites portal to consolidate with the social networking and online services for the fortunate companies. Technical Guftgu have extremely convinced customers globally because Technical Guftgu deal over the world including India as well. Most of the consumers choose Technical Guftgu long-term projects. Technical Guftgu provide IT and Non-IT endeavours.

Technical Guftgu Services

Python Programming, Microsoft Azure, AWS Cloud, CCNA and CCNP, MCSA,Data Science , Linux,Docker & Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Devops, Java, Oracle Database,Cyber Security, C Language, Office 365,VMware Virtualisation.


Technical Guftgu has specialization in 3 important domains namely: TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT and CONSULTANCY. The company provides specialized training in 50+ leading technologies like Python Programming, Microsoft Azure, Aws Cloud, CCNA and CCNP, MCSA, Machine Learning, Big Data, Google Cloud Platform, Devops, Java, C Language, Office 365,VMware Virtualisation.

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